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2010 Cadillac Truck Escalade EXT AWD V8-6.2L Page 239

2010 Cadillac Truck Escalade EXT AWD V8-6.2L Page 239

Diagnostic Aids

* This DTC may be stored as a history DTC without affecting the operation of the control module.

* Do not replace a control module based only on DTC B101D being set in history with the exception of the following control modules:

- Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM)

- Passenger Presence System Module

* If DTC B101D is set as current, replace the appropriate control module.

Circuit/System Verification

Verify that DTC B101D is not set.

If the DTC is set, replace the control module that set the DTC.

Repair Instructions

Perform the Diagnostic Repair Verification (See: Verification Tests) after completing the repair.

Control Module References (See: Testing and Inspection/Programming and Relearning)for control module replacement, setup, and programming



Diagnostic Instructions

* Perform the Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle (See: Testing and Inspection/Initial Inspection and Diagnostic Overview/Diagnostic System

Check - Vehicle) prior to using this diagnostic procedure.

* Review Strategy Based Diagnosis (See: Testing and Inspection/Initial Inspection and Diagnostic Overview/Strategy Based Diagnosis) for an

overview of the diagnostic approach.

* Diagnostic Procedure Instructions (See: Testing and Inspection/Initial Inspection and Diagnostic Overview/Diagnostic Procedure

Instructions) provides an overview of each diagnostic category.

DTC Descriptor


- ECU Software

Circuit/System Description

Some control modules must be configured with specific software, serial numbers, vehicle options, or other information. If a control module was not

properly configured after installation that module may set DTC B101E. The symptom byte listed in the DTC Descriptor is for engineering reference

only. No external circuit diagnosis is involved.

Conditions for Running the DTC

Battery voltage is between 9-16 V and data link communications operate normally.

Conditions for Setting the DTC

The control module is not configured properly.

Conditions for Clearing the DTC

* A current DTC clears when the malfunction is no longer present.

* A history DTC clears when the module ignition cycle counter reaches the reset threshold, without a repeat of the malfunction.

Reference Information

Schematic Reference

Data Communication Schematics (See: Powertrain Management/Computers and Control Systems/Information Bus/Diagrams/Electrical Diagrams)

Connector End View Reference

Component Connector End Views (See: Diagrams/Connector Views)

Description and Operation

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