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2010 Cadillac Truck Escalade AWD V8-6.2L Page 2525

- HO2S Slow Response Lean to Rich Bank 2 Sensor 2


- HO2S Delayed Response Rich to Lean Bank 1 Sensor 2


- HO2S Delayed Response Lean to Rich Bank 1 Sensor 2


- HO2S Delayed Response Rich to Lean Bank 2 Sensor 2


- HO2S Delayed Response Lean to Rich Bank 2 Sensor 2

DTC P0153

- HO2S Slow Response Bank 2 Sensor 1

DTC P1133

- HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 1 Sensor 1

DTC P1153

- HO2S Insufficient Switching Bank 2 Sensor 1

Diagnostic Fault Information

Circuit/System Description

The heated oxygen sensors (HO2S) are used for fuel control and catalyst monitoring. Each HO2S compares the oxygen content of the surrounding

air with the oxygen content of the exhaust stream. When the engine is started, the control module operates in an Open Loop mode, ignoring the

HO2S signal voltage while calculating the air-to-fuel ratio. While the engine runs, the HO2S heats up and begins to generate a voltage within a

range of 0-1,275 mV. Once sufficient HO2S voltage fluctuation is observed by the control module, Closed Loop is entered. The control module

uses the HO2S voltage to determine the air-to-fuel ratio. An HO2S voltage that increases toward 1,000 mV indicates a rich fuel mixture. An HO2S

voltage that decreases toward 0 mV indicates a lean fuel mixture.

The heating elements inside each HO2S heat the sensor to bring the sensor up to operating conditions faster. This allows the system to enter Closed

Loop earlier and the control module to calculate the air-to-fuel ratio sooner.

Conditions for Running the DTC

P0133, P0153, P1133, or P1153

* DTCs P0068, P0101, P0102, P0103, P0106, P0107, P0108, P0112, P0113, P0116, P0117, P0118, P0120, P0121, P0122, P0123, P0128,

P0201, P0202, P0203, P0204, P0205, P0206, P0207, P0208, P0220, P0222, P0223, P0442, P0443, P0446, P0449, P0455, P0496, P1516,

P2101, P2119, P2135, P2176 are not set.

* The engine coolant temperature (ECT) is greater than 60锟斤拷C (140锟斤拷F).

* The intake air temperature (IAT) is warmer than -40锟斤拷C (-40锟斤拷F)

* The ignition 1 voltage is between 10-32 V.

* The fuel level is greater than 10 %.

* The engine run time is greater than 160 s.

* The engine speed is between 1,200-3,000 RPM.

* The barometric (BARO) pressure is greater than 70 kPa.

* The mass airflow (MAF) is between 20-55 g/s.

* The fuel system is in Closed Loop.

* The throttle position (TP) is greater than 5 %.

* The DTCs run once per drive cycle when the above conditions are met.

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