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2010 Cadillac CTS Sedan AWD V6-3.6L Technical Service Bulletin # 00-00-89-027G Date: 121128

2010 Cadillac CTS Sedan AWD V6-3.6L Technical Service Bulletin # 00-00-89-027G Date: 121128

Interior - Eliminating Unwanted Odors in Vehicles


Bulletin No.: 00-00-89-027G

Date: November 28, 2012

Subject: Eliminating Unwanted Odors in Vehicles


2013 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks


Please direct this bulletin to the PARTS, USED CAR, BODY SHOP and SERVICE Managers.


This bulletin is being revised to add the 2013 model year and update the Parts Information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number

00-00-89-027F (Section 00 - General Information).

Vehicle Odor Elimination

General Motors offers a product that may control or eliminate odors in the interior and luggage compartment areas of GM vehicles. GM Vehicle

Care Odor Eliminator is a non-toxic, biodegradable odor remover. This odorless product has been shown to greatly reduce or remove objectionable

smells of mold and mildew resulting from vehicle water leaks (as well as customer created odors, i.e. smoke). You may use GM Vehicle Care Odor

Eliminator on fabrics, vinyl, leather, carpet and sound deadening materials. It may also be induced into HVAC modules and instrument panel ducts

(for the control of non-bacterial related odors).


This product leaves no residual scent and should not be sold as or considered an air freshener. Product action may result in the permanent

elimination of an odor and may be preferable to customers with allergies who are sensitive to perfumes.

How to Use This Product

GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator may be sprayed on in a ready-to-use formula or used in steam cleaners as an additive with carpet shampoo. This

water-based, odorless product is safe for all vehicle interiors. Do not wet or soak any interior surface that plain water would cause to deteriorate, as

this product will have the same effect. Also avoid letting this product come into contact with vinegar or any acidic substance. Acid-based products

will hamper the effectiveness of, or render GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator inert.

Instructions and cautions are printed on the bottle, but additional help is available. If you encounter a difficult to eliminate or reoccurring odor, you

may call 1-800-955-8591 (in Canada, 1-800-977-4145) to obtain additional information and usage suggestions.


This product may effectively remove odors when directly contacting the odor source. It should be used in conjunction with diagnostic

procedures (in cases such as a water leak) to first eliminate the root cause of the odor, and then the residual odor to permanently correct

the vehicle condition.

Vehicle Waterleak Odor Elimination


Confirm that all water leaks have been repaired. Determine what areas of the vehicle were water soaked or wet. Components with visible

mold/mildew staining should be replaced. Isolate the odor source inside the vehicle. Often an odor can be isolated to an area or component of the

vehicle interior by careful evaluation. Odor evaluation may need to be performed by multiple persons. Another method of isolating an odor source

is to remove and segregate interior trim and components. Plastic sheeting or drop cloths can be used to confine seats, headliners, etc. to assist in

evaluation and diagnoses. If appropriate the vehicle and interior trim should be evaluated separately to determine if the odor stays with the vehicle

or the interior components. Odors that stay with the vehicle may be isolated to insulating and sound deadening materials (i.e. water leak at the

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windshield or standing water in the front foot well area caused mold/mildew to form on the bulkhead or kick panel sound deadening pads. If the

interior is removed the floor pan and primed/painted surfaces should be treated with bleach/soap solution, rinsed with clean water and dried.

Interior surfaces should then be treated with GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator product before reinstalling carpet or reassembling.

The GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator product is an effective odor elimination product when used properly. It must come into direct contact with

the odor source. It should be used in conjunction with diagnostic procedures to first eliminate the root cause of the odor. Some procedures for use

after odor root cause correction are:


- Use the trigger spray head.

- Put a drop of dish soap the size of a quarter in the bottom of a bottle.

- Add 8 oz. of GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator (1 cup) to the dish soap and top off the bottle with tap water.

- This formula should be used on hard surfaces (dash, interior plastic molding, and floor pan).


The third step to neutralizing the vehicle is a light to medium treatment of all carpeting and upholstered seats with the GM Vehicle Care Odor

Eliminator formula and a wide fan spray setting (at full strength) (i.e.: carpeting on the driver's side requires 4-5 triggers pulls for coverage). The

headliner and trunk should be sprayed next. Lightly brushing the formula into the carpeting and upholstery is a recommended step for deep odor

problems. The dash and all hard surfaces should be sprayed with dish soap/water mixture. Let stand for 1-2 minutes then wipe off the surface.

STEP FOUR: (vehicle ventilation system treatment)

The ventilation system is generally the last step in the treatment of the vehicle.

- a. Spray the GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator formula into all dash vents. (1-2 trigger pulls per vent).

- b. Start the vehicle and turn the vehicle fan on high cool (not A/C setting).

- c. Spray the formula (10 trigger pulls) into the outside fresh air intake vent (cowl at base of windshield).

- d. Enter the vehicle after 1 minute and wipe off the excess formula spurting out of the dash vents.

- e. Smell the air coming from the dash vents. If odors are still present, spray another 5 triggers into the cowl, wait another minute and smell

the results. Once you have obtained a fresh, clean smell coming from the vents, turn the system to the A/C re-circulation setting. Roll up the

windows, spray 3-5 pumps into the right lower IP area and let the vehicle run with the fan set on high for 5-7 minutes.

Additional Suggestions to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Here are some additional ideas to benefit your dealership and to generate greater customer enthusiasm for this product.

- Keep this product on-hand for both the Service Department and the Used Car lot. Add value to your used car trades; treat loaner and demo

cars during service and at final sale to eliminate smoke, pet, and other common odors offensive to customers. Make deodorizing a vehicle

part of your normal vehicle detailing service.

- Consider including GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator as a give-away item with new vehicle purchases. Many dealers give away as "gifts"

various cleaning supplies at time of delivery. GM Odor Eliminator is one of a few products GM offers that has as many uses in the home as

in the vehicle. Customers may find this product can be used for a host of recreational activities associated with their new vehicle, such as

deodorizing a boat they tow, or a camper.

- GM Odor Eliminator and many of the GM Vehicle Care products offer you the chance to increase dealership traffic as these superior quality

products cannot be purchased in stores. Many Dealerships have product displays at the parts counter. Consider additional displays in

the Customer Service Lounge, the Showroom and at the Service Desk or Cashier Window. Many customers who purchase vehicles

and receive regular maintenance at your dealership may never visit the parts counter, and subsequently are not exposed to the

variety and value that these products offer.

Parts Information

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